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Post-Digital Kitsch

If works of art were judged democratically–that is, according to how many people like them–kitsch would easily defeat all its competitors.” Thomas Kulka. Post-Digital Kitsch is an ongoing investigation into the way digital media have indexed mass cultural values while simultaneously exposing the relationship between ourselves and the way we perceive the reality we live in. Post-Digital Kitsch holds up a mirror that allows us to recognize ourselves in the fake image that it throws back at us. Although not considered by most as art, kitsch together with pop are the only two cultural forces that have enough mass appeal to be able to influence the aesthetic qualities of any given period in history. Seen either as polemics against the suppressed individuality of fascist rule or simply as the Queer alternative to established art practices, kitsch in the post-digital era arguments the relative values of society to offer a fun way to look at ourselves looking back at us.

Ziras Stefanos