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Or du Temps

A contemporary glass library and museum faces a roman temple.
They have been separated for 2000 years, in a blink of an eye.
Inside, space and time slightly tend to float.
There are a thousand ways to experience architecture, to live in a space — and to let it enter your life. “Or du temps” invites you to explore a unique space whose horizontal dimensions promise, literally and figuratively, a transposition to the vertical. Transparencies, slippages, and reflections cause us to question our perception of depth and thickness — and sharpen our senses. Certainties and knowledge vanish one after the other and are replaced by a sense of being-in-the-world as nothing more than mere breathing.
Our first comprehension of the space as a cultural resource is transformed into an apprehension of experience itself,— of pure essence.
Sometimes you get much more than what you see, public space turns deeply private, time becomes non-linear, and eternity pays tribute to a moment of grace.

Schroder Barbara