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Nature Abstraction

Nature Abstraction 2.0 is an immersive sensory experience that explores the arcane forms of fractals. Created by Matteo Zamagni (artist) Marco Martignone (developer) and Daniel Ben Hur (sound designer) is the result of an ongoing experimentation and exploration of 3D fractals in real-time, which enables the audience to fully interact and explore freely the 3D fractal environment, accompanied with scores designed to facilitate meditative state and relaxation; The audience is invited to explore ever changing structures, dive into their vast complexities and interact with them through remote controls, giving insight into the seemingly familiar mathematical structures of biological and non biological forms. The projection-mapped cube installation enclosing the VR headset goes in contrast between the entirely digital created world inside the VR against the fully analogue film projected onto the faces of the cube which have been filmed in real life, recreating using analogue visual effects and various chemical elements.

Matteo Zamagni