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Locus one will be back in 5 min

Representing personal everyday life scenes in London, ‘Locus One: Will Be Back In 5 Min’ is the journey of a woman on a swing. A swing is hung in the trajectory of the light beam of a slide projector. A woman seats on the swing. As the slide-show and the music goes on, the woman swings back and forth in the beam of light of the projection, successively entering and leaving the images projected on the wall. She interrupts the mechanical flow of the projection by substituting her body to the wall and hides and reveals the images in turn. Flesh and light particles are meeting to form a third image. The time of the slide show and the time of the performance operate like two pendulums, one is mechanical and the other one is organic. She merges with the images and creates a rhythmic composition using the different movement aspects from the slide-projection, the music and her own body. Made of moments and movements, the images cling to the one before and the one after and form a narrative logic based on the dialogue of present and past life.She takes us in her world making it a place where space and time are elements to compose or decompose with on different levels.

Le Bayon Gabriele