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Leo – Words

This specific LEO installation is a text reader, “translating” every syllable to a short video. During this video playback, while the computer is producing a variety of low level hum noises, a microphone is seeking for human talks around LEO. Those human voices are analysed and the software according to other parameters (max level, mean and max frequency) is able to categorise viewer’s reaction as “boring”, “frustrating” or “smiling”. Then it is its turn to react, altering its mood and therefore translating syllabus to dull, irritating or pleasant videos. At the same time, LEO is capable of altering its mood by itself, for example, if its state is “boring” for a long enough period, it changes itself to a “frustrating” state. Accordingly, prolonged happy periods cause it to move itself to boring state. In order to be able to express all this states for every syllabus, LEO:WORDS has access to a database of more than 1100 short videos. LEO for this particular event will be reading 60 pages of text titled “LEO’s Observation Log” and text is being shown as subtitle to the movie. Videos that shows book pages that are turning or tearing signify the reading of a new word.

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