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Stimulierte Emissionen Klingen is a musical instrument based on a 2mts x 2mts frame that holds 16 lasers targeted to 16 photoresistors, creating a two dimensional grid of laser beams. Both lasers and photoresistors are connected to an Arduino board, and a specially made Arduino shield, that provide current to the lasers, and detect tiny voltage variations in the photoresistors. These voltage variations are received with a computer and used to trigger sounds. The frame holds 8 lasers in the horizontal axis and 8 lasers in the vertical axis, with their respective photoresistor on the other side of the frame. With this configuration I receive information from 16 laser beams, plus 64 nodes that come from the encounter point between two lasers, having the possibility of triggering 80 different sounds; most frequently, 16 long evolving sounds for single beams plus 64 punctual sounds for the nodes between two lasers. In a slightly more complex configuration, we created as well a visual representation of the instrument using the same mechanism; through the midi signals, different animations are responding to the interaction of the executer with the instrument.

Circus Lumineszenz