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“Konservative” – is a pun that derives from combining the Greek word “konserva” (a can, used to preserve food) and the English “conservative”, and refers to the canning of the person and conformism as well as the relationships that connect massification with entertainment and consumerism. Canning and packaging is expressed by placing it in a box made to fit each person, just as every pack is adjusted to its contents. Furthermore, the “ingredients”-preservatives to keep the person in one state are included in the box. The preparation of the “product” before it’s packaged and stored is achieved mainly through techniques of manipulating the masses, through which the retreat of consciousness and individuality is realised. All this stems from a combination of factors that have to do with the technological revolution and the changes it brought to the way of life and the organization of societies.

Ziazopoulou, Alexandra & Kokona, Erato