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Jamais Vu

“In that sleep of death, what dreams may come” Shakespeare Shot in varying live and object stop-frame formats, Jamais Vu depicts an individual’s descent into his own madness, capturing the perverse poetry of insanity by using motifs of dream, blackout, amnesia and final annihilation. As we enter the opening dream, we witness the protagonist’s (Antonio O) fall into the self-referential world of the Cellar, a place where objects seem to have their own malicious intent. Trapped within the unknown space, Antonio O struggles to hold onto some sense of his own self. He starts to have flashbacks of his forgotten memories which become so vivid that he can not handle any more and as he collapses, he regurgitates all of his memory into a book and breathes his last breath. Ultimately, though, we realise that the Cellar is the main protagonist.

Haffenden Paul & Ip Kenny