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The need and the temptation to redesign the space around them, and mark the whole Earth as their territory, is a fundamental power and weakness of human beings. It creates various conflicts with Nature and the consequences of human interventions are above Nature’s ability for readjustment. Therefore, the current environmental situation gives cause for alarm, being important for the survival of both Nature and human beings themselves. An animal somewhat similar to man in its ability for extensive modification of Nature is the beaver. This little animal is capable of impressive construction work, cutting off trees and altering the flow of rivers. It is quite often the case that beavers get into conflict with humans, who may have a different idea of what they want to happen in “their” territory. But does this make a beaver a destructive and evil creature? Unlikely. Beavers are rarely careless in using their resources. For example, the wood used for construction is the one they cannot use for eating. Whatever beavers do, the area they affect will be useful for other animals, plants and even for future generations of beavers. On the other hand, people are rather inconsiderate and wastefully abusing Nature. So we are facing a serious risk of running out of vital natural resources. How would the world look like if people lost the territorial fight against beavers? After all, it would be fair enough given the current careless behaviour of human beings.

Faiman Ester & Mannik Argo