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INDETERMINATION137 was born of the superformular algorithm by Johan Gielis. Gielis suggested that the formula can be used to describe many complex shapes and curves that are found in nature. The sound peaks modify some of the superformula parameters, the sound determines fast instantaneous 3d shapes, small flashes referring to an imaginary world of skeletons, horn of aries, skulls, bones. The algorithm through the formula reproduces different shapes that we can see in nature, the audio synthesis (FFT) generates shapes which will always be altered by creating an undetermined flow of 3D structures, rendered in real time across MAX MSP JITTER.
I have met the concept of singularity as a pure suggestion, associating it with other free suggestions on quantum principles of indetermination of form, abstraction, keeping in mind and in the heart the style of experimental cinema film. k.137 (aka Alessio Spirli) creates networks between computers, believes in the Fast Fourier Transform, convert any signals, periodic and impulsive, from the time domain and frequency, dividing it into a series of harmonic functions applied to the video and the generation of 3d animations in real time.

Spirli Alessio