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In Between Ephemeral Transcripts

Explore inside; is it reality of outside; explore; explore the balance; if there is any; or the hostility; a line of escape; a single process that replaces subjectivity; the threshold is vulnerable; its true nature reflects ephemeral values and corresponds to a psychology of temporal phenomena; The installation is choreographing this reality; a mapping of a sensory field; a choreography of the interactions between the two spaces; an experience to be conquered; it is not an object to be observed; it is a realm to become part of; entering the installation is entering the unconscious; a place which is always ready to be inhabited by something else; the installation is a balance, a battle, a rivalry; a network of possible interactions which encourages direct experience but momentarily; ephemeral spaces in conflict or confusion; transcripts of possibilities forming notional landscapes; in-between. Based on Kafka’s unfinished story “The Burrow” the project is an exploration on the dialectics of Inside and Outside, which are always ready to be reversed. A ‘self-referential’ process of creating structure from instinctive movement; a labyrinth-like shelter that reflects its owner’s thoughts; a space to be manufactured in given and specified spatial conditions; a system of ‘self-enclosing’ reflecting ephemeral transcripts between Inside and Outside.

Kapsali Eleftheria