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Concept –
The work “impact” shows what kind of effects different living conditions can have to humans. In an abstract language the video visualizes how each person is able to stand up and form himself again and again by experiences and setbacks. Everyone undergoes both positive and negative phases throughout his life and its experience shapes our character.
Also negative setbacks can attract positive energy, thereby further to give new impetus to our environment. As soon as the work is related to the current situation of our society and global looks, you can also discover completely different aspects in it. Capitalism, which is like a machine influences the thought of many people and yet often achieves more suffering than happiness in our inner being. Even the dependence on black gold and other commodities, which inevitably gives power to the political elites controlling the development of our society.
Design –
The structure of the machine developed by the individual tracks from Max.
For each sound track I built a part of the machine that can move exactly to the respective track. The result is a complex construct and interaction with the sound. The idea was also to visually break up the viewing habits and we decided to take an old steam engine as a reference. This created a nice mix between modern technology and forgotten artifacts. The project includes techniques of 3D animation, fluid simulation and post effects.

Zakharov Dmitry