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I see under skin

The film ‘I see under skin’, was made in 2009, when me and my girlfriend Nina were walking in the nature and filming expressions of human in a natural habitat. We asked ourselves what’s the Nature outside of us and the nature inside us. How those two can come together and asked ourselves what’s the benefit for each of us if we work on both. Film was shot in ex industrial locations in old mining(coal workers) city and on some locations in the nature nearby . It was shot with CANNON XL1 in 4 days.Edited in premier and post produced in aftereffects. The picure is postproducted like its filmed with super8 camera, and its exported in 24fps. Music inside its done by some natural sounds which gives the audience feeling like we are parts of nature. Two songs in movie are performed by Mr.Red-exp an art musician which also comes from town where we filmed. PEACE.

Prauneseis Tomaz