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Honest Lies

Honest Lies leads us through a meditation on moral courage, responsibility, and one individual’s sense of impotence in acting against a totalitarian pretension of an unnamed political system. Set entirely in a dark, deserted parking garage Stellbaum’s filmic structure draws us into a winding Dantean underworld of thoughts, memories, fears, and imaginations of what is yet to come. In a nighttime car park, a woman driver is caught without any means of escape while circulating nervously and lonely along the many turns , pointers and directions in this vast convoluted architecture. She obviously needs help, her hands may be dirty from the things she has done, and the stories she is telling us are puzzling and incomplete. Are they truth or lies? The viewer becomes caught up in her escalating dilemma, and starts spinning round with her on a roundabout with no exit.

Stellbaum Gabriele