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Hertzian Field #2

In 1886, Heinrich Hertz created an apparatus that could sense and generate electromagnetic waves, thus expanding the strata of known physical reality. Today, the Earth’s atmosphere has an electromagnetic double: a layer of radio waves that keeps our world running, engulfing us in turbulent streams of energy. Beyond merely distributing our data, the Infosphere has a side effect: it transmits information about physical space and our bodies within it. Our data networks are public radars, lending a radio ear to anyone listening. Hertzian Field #2 is an augmented reality immersive sound and movement solo performance, revealing the invisible flows of wireless communication and their interaction with the human body. It uses a new sensing technique developed by the artist, inspired by obscure surveillance research and radio astronomy. The system creates sound by analyzing the interference of the body in the electromagnetic fields of WiFi networks….. (Photo by Onuk.)

Manousakis Stelios