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The Giphoscope is the world first Handmade GIF Machine. As GIF creators – OKKULT Motion Pictures is our brainchild – we know it’s very easy to show/share an animated GIF on the web, but it’s hard to find an offline GIF player to exhibit and sell a GIF as a single, unique artwork. We have conceived, designed and handcrafted the Giphoscope with the objective of proposing to artists/galleries/museums/collectors a minimalistic, unconventional, retro-futuristic analog GIF player, entirely tailor made and handmade in Italy. Thanks to the Giphoscope, animated GIF becomes a tangible and exclusive artwork. The Giphoscope is a real-life, one-off interactive sculpture that combines technology from the 19th and 21st centuries and turns GIFs, short videos, Vines, Instagram Boomerang and even a single picture into a breathtaking, hand-cranked work of art. Based on the Mutoscope created by Herman Casler in the 1890s, the Giphoscope follows the same principle as the flipbook: a sequence of images on a Rolodex-style wheel with a handle that you can turn to ‘flip’ them.

OKKULT Motion Pictures