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From The Music Box

The passage from David’s psalm 116 “Come back, my soul, to your own peace” seems to offer the pure optimism and safety that calming down does existing, that tranquility I could not find maybe further than myself. But, in the same time, enormous fear during questioning from what disquietude, from what experience I should coming out of. This video is one of the reflections about necessity to change and look for some more snug frame for function. More calming maybe.The small plastic doll is used- ballet girl whom offered the passing through my own experiences and works, with the questions (to hermeticy? to insomnia? in simulation? ). For her this environments and essences are not adequate surely. Because ballerina, even tied by brutal but corresponding mechanism, she still turning around the best in her music box.

Crnobrnja Vukadinovic Milica