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Fragments Of Reality

The “Fragments of reality” is the fragments of how I perceive and filter the world around me. It is probably best described as a kaleidoscope, a subjective multilayered story space; or even better, I could say it is a net of fantasies taken from the real world. I was simply documenting the reality around me, merging my drawing design skills and knowledge together with real world pictures created by my digital camera. Once they were settled, I had a playground in which to explore variations of stories, most of them based on variations of the same subject observed from different points of view. Some of the 30 fragmented animate narratives work as statements and other as punctuation, as blinks, aiming different emotions to the viewer. They also portray an imaginative, surrealistic world that reminds us the way of zapping in TV and that life is open-ended and still in the process.

Mpoukouvala Anthi