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For the metaphysical city

The modern urban life can certainly be represented by the “passage” into the space and a quick view, leaving behind only the “atmosphere of the situation” (ambience) to our senses. The photo-installation has as a result the coexistence of reality and urban memory, through dark industrial areas that redefine the nature of a city. It consists of a series of “virtual experiences”, which oscillates between video and photography. The project consists of nine light boxes.The images are created not by photographic camera, but by digital videocamera. After searching and selecting public spaces, I filmed the area using zoom in-zoom out. Then I edited the video in Adobe Premiere and I increased the speed. Finally, I saved, as a video-still (jpg), a static image in which I was intersted. The limits of external, internal and semi-open areas in the pictures are not clear, as an outdoor corridor looks like a building interiors and the opposite. The light sources and lamps which are reflected in the photographic paper get physical reality by installing fluorescent bulbs, mounted on top of the box and with the proper slope to reflect the perspective of photography.

Kremali Terpsi