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Foi o Fio

The idea for “Foi o fio” came up from my passion for Greek Mythology and especially for the three Moirai that conduct the thread of life. I wanted to play with the dark comic image of the unstoppable thread of destiny from which not even the three women can escape. This first idea merged with other characters I had sketched before, inspired by people I saw in daily life. The narrative of the film then started to grow as a succession of absurd situations only connected by the thread. As an animator I was also attracted by the possibilities of movement when using simultaneously many different characters, almost as in a choreography. For this reason I chose not to use any background and work more on each character’s expression and add another idea, that they could be a combination of two or more characters in one, as if they were independent but inseparable aspects of the personality of the same being.

Figueiredo Patricia