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This animation is inspired by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche’s book The Birth of Tragedy, and specifically his ideas on Apollo and Dionysus. Apollo is the God of reason and rationality—of the intellect and thought. Dionysus is the god of the irrational and chaos—of emotions and instincts. Nietzsche establishes his aesthetics theories from the archetypes of Apollo and Dionysus and offers, specifically that art is based on polarities and tensions rather than delight and imitation. His polarities are those of order (Apollo) and passion (Dionysus). The main character in this animation is a sculptress who travels through Apollonian and Dionysian states. In the Apollonian world, everything is made of rigid lines, and there is no color except for the color of the main character, pink. In contrast, in the Dionysian world, she fuses with the nature; she becomes transparent in the world that is made of shapes and colors. Throughout this trip, her art changes along with her personality.

Sahin Meltem