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It is about a video-installation which is a parted of zips of transparent paper, (width : 60 cm.) , hanged from the ceiling to the floor, and they are placed in different distances between them, without symmetrical structure, but in paralleled layers. (a space of at least 5 x 5 m. in dimensions is required) A video is projected at them. Two images are combining this video. In the center of it, there is a zip that shows the life in the limited space of a fish tank where the fishes are all the same. (this zip is on the center zip on the installation ). The space that is left, is full of fast moving people, limited, whose movement is paralleled with the movement of the fishes, in the interior of a tunnel. There is no interaction between them though they share a common environment, as the fishes. By the different layers of the projection , in surfaces with a distance between them which allows somebody to move through them, and also by the appearance of the video on both sides of the paper, el spectator is taking part in the installation, also because his shadow completes the final impression.

Pavlidou Anni