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Film fur ubers sofa

“The real was no longer represented or reproduced but “aimed at”. Instead of representing an already deciphered real, neo-realism aimed at an always ambiguous, to be deciphered, real; this is why the sequence shot tended to replace the montage of representations. (…) However, we are not sure that the problem at the level of reality, whether in relation to form or content. Is it not rather at the level of the “mental”, in terms of thought?” Gilles Deleuze (Cinema 2, L`image-temps) “Sometimes you need to produce paintings to be hung above the sofa.” Martin Kippenberger Katharina Kellermann und Frank Max M¤îller accumulate objects. They arrange and re-arrange the set, they push, pile up and tear apart. They produce sound, movement, noise, film, music. While the cadre is rearranged and reinterpreted again and again, the soundtrack accumulates musical traces of what visually already has disappeared.

Hannes Seidl