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False Awakenings

A second full-length album was released by Pandelis Diamantides for Nekton (Amsterdam, NL) in May 2015 under the title “False Awakenings”. The audiovisual performance with the same title was premiered in Amsterdam during FIBER Festival 2015 supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. ‘False Awakenings’ is a blend of abstract rhythmical patterns, evolving ambient landscapes and detailed sound design. Audible generative structures provide the canvas for a visual interpretation of time – motion and memory. As a measure of disorder an immersive audiovisual world is created, a temporal construct of bass, light and colour. “Computer-based compositional systems provide extended control over sound properties and aspects of musical structure, presenting the opportunity to merge those two into new musical forms. Having the opportunity to work with algorithms, I developed a system which allows me to focus on the form of a piece where the many details are being taken care of by the system itself. This allows me to create highly complex structures on the macro (form) as well as the micro (sound and visual properties) level of a composition with a high degree of precision without losing myself in the details.” Excerpt from interview for FIBER Festival 2015 Read the full interview here:

Diamadides Pantelis