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Extragram – St 807

Extagram is a series of micro-works that came out of relationship of drawings and sounds and audio-visual recycling. The resulting audiovisual drafts-Extagram(s), open up the field of indeterminacy of the state, which is a possible mapping and a flux, a draft of space vibrations and temporary field trajectories. ‘Draft’, with its multiplicity of meanings, sets out a framework for exploring possible relationships between two-dimensional drawing and sound, where sound functions as an agent holding together the invisible electro-physical actions that occur within the space and their interaction with the human body. Oscilo series recodes real situations as a broken data stream of glitch sounds. Oscilo address and question the main features of contemporary toys by means of close personal contact through touch, simplified cute shapes, and the construction of micro-worlds through modularity and limited, mostly sound-based interactivity.

Vujinovic Tanja