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Elektronik Meditation

Jannis Anastasakis is considered to be in a league of his own as a guitar player in Greece. His unique, in-depth approach of the effects (he is also the builder and designer of the JAM pedals) and the guitar as an ambient sound generator, results in a very personal sound and delivery, that sets him apart from all other players in his country. Deniz Angelaki is using color as means of expression, along with the camera documenting every moment and detail that is taking place on the canvas. They have released three independent albums titled, “Live CD/DVD”, “Vigeland” and “Purgatory”. By the words of Adam Levy, “Purgatory is like if Brian Eno made a guitar record. Even the darker bits are poetic !” They have collaborated with Arve Henriksen, Thodoris Rellos, Harris Lambrakis, Andreas Polyzogopoulos, Nikos Sidirokastritis and Haig Yazdjian. They have toured all over Greece, Cyprus, Oslo (Norway), Istanbul (Turkey) and Eindhoven (Netherlands).

Anastasakis, Jannis & Aggelaki, Deniz