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Dust is a Virtual Reality piece which invites the audience to experience dance performance from the perspective of eternal particle travelling in the space. It immerses the audience in the immediate presence of the dancer and within a unique visual and aural scenario. The piece is inspired by how almost every element on Earth was formed at the heart of a stardust, so our bodies were. Drawing inspiration from these eternal particles being part of our bodies just for incredibly short moment, as well as the motif of the unthinkable world expressed by book of philosophy In the Dust Of This Planet by Eugene Thacker, Dust seeks to reimagine our perception of body, space and time with the use of digital technologies. It merges real and virtual worlds to produce new environments where physical and digital co-exist and interact in real time. More specifically, it combines the live stream with volumetric capturing of dance and virtual environment which has been created by photogrammetry, and in doing immerses the viewers visually, as well as physically and emotionally. This way, it also explores new forms of engaging the audience and creating the narratives through the creative partnership between performing arts and new media. Dust is a room-scale VR, which unlike seated or standing VR experience, let the viewer to explore the virtual environment by physically moving within the space. Using a combination of movement and VR headset tracking within a dedicated area, it immerses the audience in a series of intimate moments in which (s)he experiences a sense of discovery and presence. The resulting effect is exhilarating, allowing the audience to experience the work from different perspectives and within the space where the dance is happening. It is a dance as no audience member has ever experienced before.

Boleslavsky Andrej & Judova Maria