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You just woke me up! I cannot understand, I cannot remember. Is it something I really experienced or it just jumped out of my illusory dream world? A challenge? I picked up the telephone. A challenge, it is. At the same time the butterfly woke up waving its wings, while thousands waves escaped from a completely unknown place in order to strike in the ionosphere and return in the surface striking the insane of village, while my little vibration, yes, the one that I caused with picking up the telephone, began her travel between the bodies. Dear my, I don’t try to mess with your heads, no, is not my goal, is that I speak for this element that, thousand times measurable and calculated, however still aloof, is that though this very moment enters in my thought and makes everything so abstract. Dhladh O,ti Me Ides Na Oneireyomai

Tsapatsari Maria