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The title speaks for itself. Elusive but captivating interplay of two silent figures brings up questions about how you place yourself in contact with others and how others perceive you. The context of the conflict is withheld, allowing a viewer to face his/her own emotions and reasons. The setting acts as a hall of mirrors, so each person and movement exist across time and space in several places at once. This story tells that human identity with its perceptions and reflections, is a many-sided and fascinating phenomenon.
Synopsis N2
On the one hand, the blind way of life of each individual, who wants to go its own way, not caring to shock with the way of others; on the other hand, not knowing what to do when it crosses the path of the other! Despite this is a very characteristic attitude of life in large cities, it appears, here, in a desert environment suggesting that societies will not know life without being in conflict, not respecting each other’s space.

Men Evguenia