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This video is about our freedom and, essencentially, about the freedom of expressing ourselves. There is a person drawing another person. The latter is something like the soul of the “person drawing”. I believe that the best way to destroy something is to create it from the beginning. The “p. d.” gives life to a drawing, to a face of vital importance because it refers to the feelings of everyone. When the face is “done” it has to be undone. The “p. d.” closes its mouth. Although it has so many things to say, it isn’t capable of speaking any more. But it keeps on communicating with its eyes. It feels like suffering and it cries. It still can whisper. For the ones who can hear, it says some words of utmost importance. Before the end, the “p. d.” has to unveil itself. It uncovers its face and it breathes as it releases all the feelings that compel it to feel free.

Papaioannou Adonia