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Birth of a Sphinx

BIRTH OF A SPHINX – an audiovisual interaction and dialog with the public art sculpture of two „Heads, shifting“ by Josefine Gunschel and Margund Smolka, located at a public space in Adlershof, Berlin. BIRTH OF A SPHINX is part of a series of experimental narrative documentaries exploring and drifting around urban environments as audio visual psychogeographic encounters. BIRTH OF A SPHINX was directed, photographed and edited by ELENI AMPELAKIOTOU for the Berlin based audio visual improv performance project DOS PLUS. DOS PLUS is the audio visual collaboration of filmmaker/visual artist ELENI AMPELAKIOTOU (TEENAGE RESPONSE, ICH BIN HIER, FIREWORKS, LIGHTS ON/OFF) and the experimental improv Electric-Guitar-Duo WILLIAM BRAVO DUO. performing multisensorial interferences of narrative abstract fiction and documentary imagery with instant improvised compositions to a visual and sonic resonating experience.

Ampelakiotou Eleni