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B | W | R

B | W | R ::

2-channel video installation & soundscape ( 2 x 60″ vertical plasma screens ) – seamless loop

presented at / Red Never Follows / Exhibition . Saatchi Gallery London :: 30/07–1/08/2013

B | W | R is the approach to an exploration of a material / immaterial transition, the work deconstructs the experience and highlights the cycle of metamorphosis. The two installation screens express the opposite end of a spectrum between solidity and flux; between the construction of a body and its almost inevitable dismantling. The work becomes an image of larger scale modifications and transformations of post-human identity; Boundaries between the natural and the artificial become blurred, through 3D generated organic textures. The notion of authentic and fantasy, juxtaposition of archaic and futuristic, is therefore visually represented.

Andrzej Wojtas & Ewelina Aleksandrowicz