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Archer: an audiovisual piece about uncertainty and trajectory. This audiovisual piece was made as a result of reading about archery competitions; the competitive tradition goes back over 400 years. For the Olympics each shot has to be taken within a 40 second window. The distance to target is 70 meters with an average flight time of 1150 milliseconds. To simulate this I wrote a patch in Pure Data that picks at random a moment in time 1150 milliseconds duration within a 40 second window, for the purpose of this piece I stopped and restarted the clock after 40 seconds. I wanted the period of intense concentration before and after release to be reminiscent of electrical short circuits and visually rich as all the relevant data is absorbed and processed by the bowman at a conscious and unconscious level. The flight time of the arrow is intense and uncontrolled, the arrow flexes and moves as the forces propelling it towards its target resonate and reflect through it. Warping and bending both its form and flight.

Spencer Jonathan