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Arabesque is a work which uses digital technology to create spaces and movement from still images. Spaces are formed that open and close, exposed and concealed; form dissolves into abstraction, and the figured becomes unfigured. A sense of ritual and ceremony is implied by these changes and movements, and the veiling and unveiling of forms and scenes.A viewer is surrounded by and drawn into an imaginary world, where what is real and what is fantasy is uncertain, a synaesthetic world where forms, colours and patterns offer delight to the senses. The landscape is exotic, the female form is evocative… Through photographic forms are created, both real and imaginary in Photoshop. Patterned latice walls slip away to expose an imaginary representation of the exotic. Knives slice through the sky and doorways open into a mirrored world of fantasy. Colour is used sensously and is changing hue through out . The emphasis is on decorativeness, on veiling and unveiling, opening and closing, entering and leaving. The veil represents abstract thought and conceals the unknowable. The figure is representative of feminine erotic fantasy. It is viewed ambiguously, Is it their fantasy or ours? Are we looking in or are they looking out? Arabesque finally is poetic rather than narrative in form.

Matwiejew Magda