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Anxious Object No.3

“Anxious Object no 3” (Objeto Ansioso no 3) is a work developed from actions and concepts attached to ideas of appropriation and transformation of objects. Configures itself as a performance of an object in movement constructed with fragments of digital 3D objects captured from web sites of companies related to the production of virtual worlds, whose areas involve decoration, architecture, urbanism and engineering. The object presented in the video can be admitted as readymade or objet trouvĪ¹s category, poetical strategies widely used by dadaist and surrealist artists, mechanisms reconsidered now for the video territory. Owners of a certain appearance of “inutility” related to their unusual anatomy, these objects establish themselves in the disconnection of pattern forms (as remanufactured digital files) from their function in common use, in the way to reveal a fake function and a strangeness turned to a perception that looks not to identify which is already known, but to produce a new recognition.

Christofaro Ricardo