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This abstract video is about movement, how movement creates and affects composition and how a slight change can modify the whole. The work is set over a two dimensional painting where several painted wooden triangles move using stop motion animation. The repetition of the movements creates the rhythm, structuring the piece. The triangles seem to move loosely at times and at others they “follow a leader” or form a pattern that is similar to the motion of dominoes, where the preceding one effects the next and so on. Although we can recognize the way that they move, there is no apparent reason why. To create this piece we used a two dimensional painting, a three dimensional sculpture and the fourth dimension of time through video. Music is also based on repetition and the slight differences of human accidents in performance. Another element of the soundtrack is a recitation based on “The untroubled mind”- a writing of Agnes Martin- where one voice follows the other, as the triangles do.

Sharpy Sharpy