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This short movie is a comment upon the relationship of man with his environment and the course of conquering the last.
The imagery intervertebrally transcends from nature, to man’s coexistence with it and finally the man himself,dominant and sacked by his own creations and allienated in a digital and virtual world.
We observe the “master” living simple, everyday- mundane/boring even- moments of routine at the most remote places and amazing landscapes of the planet, despite the unfavorable conditions that may prevail there, uninterested or unable to recognize the impact that his everyday life may have on the environment.
We follow him as he trascends from a living and colorful world to a claustrophobic, colorless and cold one, where reality is encoded into waveforms, and celebrates – at last- the absolute control of his world, which seems to annihilate him.
Alosis is part of a greater body of mixed media works, first presented at monomorphia.

Cherouvim Georgios