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Britney Spears – everyone knows her. You love her. You hate her. But who is this girl – or what? I followed this question. The result is the interactive video installation ALL EYES ON US, an artistic analysis of the global pop stars and media phenomenon Britney Spears. Based on music videos of the entertainer from the years 1998-2011, which present stereotypical female characters as Lolita, Vamp, Mother, Bitch, Performer, these figures are represented by a covered dancer who performs song quotes in the original costumes and dance moves of the video. In the installation, the nine figures stand side by side in front of a keyboard and can be played to engage in dialogue with each other. The viewer becomes a composer, who can rearrange and exploit these dancing shells and their messages. The work disassembles the product Britney Spears into its communication elements and examines the fluent image transformations, which aim to open up to new audiences again and again over the years.

Ebert Manja