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_hyperlocal @ ADAF

_hyperlocal @ ADAF connotes the need for information oriented around a well-defined community with its primary focus directed toward the concerns of its residents. The term originated in 1991 is used in reference to local television news content and has been adopted by the BrowserBased Group. _hÿperlocal @ ADAF is an ongoing series of offline exhibitions organized by the BrowserBased Group. In the networked world of today, the concept of HYPERLOCAL can be understood not only as stationary, tied to a particular location, but also portable, tied to a specific body. BrowserBased Group modified the ubiquitous WiFi router by adding storage space and open source software to arrive at an offline wireless local network platform for net art. Therefore, the _hyperlocal website is accessible by WiFi enabled devices within the range of router, redefining the concepts of public and private space completely by the artworks.

BrowserBased Group