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Zagorski Daniel

I was born a year before the end of the first half of last century`s in the most surreal city in Poland, and perhaps in Europe – in the city of Lodz. In short, I am a bricklayer plasterer, I do not eat with a knife and fork, and everything else I do is a total horror … vacui. Now, more broadly, I always knew that I would be a graphic designer, and stubbornly, in many ways, realized that dream.Website statistics. I had the pleasure to visit Lodz art academy only once, giving – even in the old building – performance of my alternative theater. Then, as it usually happens in life, I met Master Peter Ciesielski, with whom I apprenticed gravure printing techniques. However, it placed a flat printed in the Master of the Bavarian Limestone – Witold Warzywody. Persistent work on a number of graphic techniques has resulted in the award by the Ministry of Culture and Art Status Art workshop, and it is for life, in 1984, on the basis of the work and achievements in the graphic art competitions and recommendations prof. Leszek twigs and prof. Ryszard Hunger. It gave me a starting point for further improvement of techniques and the ability to sell the metal etchings and aquatints in renowned galleries. So far, I could only during several years of stay in Wroclaw, display and sell linocuts in the Old Market, raising the local color. This has helped me to enter the world of creative environments. With fondness I remember one of my first solo exhibitions in Lodz, student theater, “Trout.”