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Winz Nico

WINZ Nico, born in 59 in Strasbourg. Studies in Art Deco. sectional illustration mainly with detours through the iron sculpture workshop. After two decades and numerous publications in youth literature and magazines (Gallimard, Nathan, Bayard Presse, etc …) and some animated cartoon comic albums (Casterman, Humanoids Associes, Delcourt, etc …) and sculpture In situ installations will take over. In parallel, he continued his investigations in painting, video and especially electro music under the names RachiTa RachiDic and otonoM’o.

Franck Michel BAKEKOLO, Born March 16, 1979 in Kindamba, Republic of Congo,
1996: Beginning his artistic career in Co. “Dancers in the wind” of Magogo. 2002-2004: Dancer-creator for “choreographic workshops searches” at the French Cultural Centre in Brazzaville.
2010 and 2011: Two stays in France Invitations from the University of Strasbourg, Faculty of Sport Sciences and the Faculty of Arts / Performing Arts out.
2013: February invitation to the French Institute of Yaounde (Cameroon) to conduct a professional contemporary dance training and to organize the first edition of Dance Artistic Encounters Brazzaville-Yaounde in Cameroon.