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Talita Caselato

Talita Caselato lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He graduated BA in Visual Arts from UNICAMP. Academic Exchange conducted with USP. Grant received CNPq / PIBIC on Undergraduate Research. In 2011 was selected for the exhibition 20-odd years: portfolio at Barσ Gallery, curated by Juliana Monachesi, Jorge Menna Barreto, Christine Mello and Adriano Casanova. In 2010 participated in the exhibitions: Dialogue in MAC-Americana, Weight 32 in MAC-Campinas and Art Gallery of Unicamp, Salon Reconcavo of Audiovisual Arts, Living Room, Video Art Show in Fortaleza curated by Simone Barreto; Scout Art at CCCJ in Rio de Janeiro curated by Fernando Cocchiarale. In 2009 was awarded Exchange FICC 2008/2009 – Investment Fund Cultural of Campinas and participated in exhibitions: Your body and /in landscape with Bruno Faria, Waleria Americo and Yuri Firmeza at Atelie Aberto in Campinas-SP; Biennial South Wind with coletacoletivo and Bebaprafrente; 2° Salon of Visual Arts of Unicamp with coletacoletivo. In 2008 the 10thNational Salon Victor Meirelles under jury Paulo Herkenhoff, Caue Alves in Florianopolis-SC and 59′ April Salon curated by Ricardo Resende. In 2007 participated in the exhibition: Space Plurals II curated by Regina Johas at Lake House in Campinas.