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Stemnis Labros

Degree in Fine Arts from MIDDLESEX University of Technology (2002). Works and collaborations been published in well known magazines as: Vavel, Tahidromos, Photographos (in Kathimerini) etc. Executive in Painting of theatrical settings at the Irodio theatre for the play “Aharneis” of Aristofanes with G. Armenis. Team expedition in “Suburbia: The endless extents of Athenian suburbs”, in Athens (A-station). Participation in the expedition of photography “PHOTOSYNKYRIA 2005, Mysteries and Marvels”, in Thessaloniki. Live videoprojections in Athens (Small Music Theatre), with musicians A. Hristidi, V. Papavasileiou etc. The Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki published the book “Mysteries and marvels”, which includes his work. “Futura” publishes the book “Without Limits”,in which is contained presentation of his work titled “Electronic Suburban Landscape”. He has written scripts for small and big length films. Lampros Stemnis lives and works in Athens.