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Sofia Leonor Moraga Sariego

Since I was 5 years old, I began participating in Art Contests, I have always thought that Art is the way to express our ideas and worries. From a very young age, children feel sure to express their feelings throught painting. Like in every country there are different languages, Visual Arts is yet another one, communicationg in an interesting way some important message. I am a Chilean Visual Artist, with a major in Graphics Arts and New Medias. I studied in the University ARCIS Fine Arts and a Post grade in Art and New Technologies in the University of Chile. I worked in University Arcis, teaching the subject of Graphic ad Draw. My work has developed always around human beings and their problems around the city and digital reproduction. The reflexion and criticism around the serial reproduction of the things and the people that transformed in a number more in the world has been always the line of reflexion in my videos.