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Smith Daniel

Daniel Alexander Smith is a visual artist working in photography, sculpture, and virtual imaging. He is currently an MFA Fellow at Indiana University. In 2015, he founded the online virtual reality museum, Paper-Thin, with his collaborator, Cameron Buckley. Working with internationally acclaimed and emerging virtual artists, Paper-Thin has been featured by major online publications including Rhizome, The Creators Project, Anti-Utopias. In 2014, he curated Beyond Mapplethorpe, part of a collection of exhibits supported by The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation and the Kinsey Institute. Daniel’s individual artworks have been exhibited nationally and internationally at venues including the Indianapolis Musuem of Art, the CICA Museum in South Korea, and the Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletronica in Brazil. His research has been supported by grants from The University of Georgia, Ideas for Creative Exploration, and Indiana University