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Skyrgianni Eri

Eri Skyrgianni is a visual artist, born in Athens. She currently lives and works in various places. She has been occupying herself with various forms of Art since childhood. She studied Painting and Engraving at the School of Fine and Applied Arts of the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki and Photography at the Technological Education Institute of Athens. She believes that there is an interconnection in composition and design in all artistic fields in the same way we may observe it in Nature. Her artistic practice involves improvisation which generally explores the element of Water, the Fluid Mechanics, the Fractalistic Structure of the Universe, the theory of Deep Ecology, and the joyous cosmology, ecstasy, and mystic realms through four main Artistic fields: Painting with acrylic blobs and Drawing, Super 8 and Video Art, Photography, Music Composition and Sound Experimentation (as “univoice”). Works of hers are located in collections in Greece, Austria, Sweden, the USA, and the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.