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Shashavarani Farideh

Painter, photographer, and video filmmaker Farideh Shahsavarani is well known for combining sound and pictures in a variety of art forms. Born in 1955 in Iran, Farideh holds an MFA in Painting. Having served as Department Chair of the Graphic Department at Islamic Azad University in Tehran, Iran, she currently teaches and serves as a member of the faculty board. She is a Member of the Association of Iranian Painters (AIP), an Honorable Member of the Visual Art Development Center of Iran and a member of Group 30+. She has participated in more than a hundred solo and group exhibitions in Iran and abroad. She has over 5 Solo Exhibitions and over 60 Group Exhibitions. Farideh began her art career by painting at an easel, but with changing times in Iran and the world, her perspective changed. She began to sculpt, weave, cut, smash, attach, detach, build up, tear down, searching for the means to express her obsessions and the burning questions in her mind. She discovered video means to draw her audience into her work so that they face the whys and wherefores and become an essential part of the work. This mixture of images and space make it possible to express reality and illusion and opened a broad spectrum of possibilities to create works that communicate more directly with the audience, allowing her to express her search for the light, the soul, the hidden meaning of life and the source of a new day.