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Samoladas Zachos

Zachos Samoladas was born in Thessaloniki on August 26, 1967. He began his career early on in his life as a film enthusiast and a moviegoer at his early teens. In 1983 an S8 film camera led to the creation of his first animated short. At age 14 his animated shorts aired on Greek State television ET1 The animated creations will lead to the acceptance at California Institute of the Arts where he studies Experimental Animation with legendary animator Jules Engel as his mentor. His studies also include a degree in film direction from the Eugenia Hatzikou film school in Athens. His animated short titled ‘GENESIS’ is the first Greek animated short over 20 minutes. Zachos Samoladas works since 1988 for the Municipal Television of Thessaloniki as director and currently as Head of Programming and Productions of the network.Zachos Samoladas is an active member of the Greek Directors Guild.