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Rosenfeld Liz

Liz Rosenfeld builds her practice as an artist upon her experience with collective education, direct action, contact, shared community, and collaboration. After completing a BFA in New Media at Hampshire College, she worked as a gallery assistant in a contemporary art space in New York City, before entering the Performance Department at the School of Art Institute of Chicago, where she received her MFA in 2005. Liz works in film, video, and performance, and her current work deals primarily with issues of queer identity, transient bodies, pop culture icons and different kinds of public and private transitional space. Liz is interested in mixing the mediums of film and digital video to convey a sense of past and future histories through the use of moving images. Enacting a cooperative art practice as a mode of lived experiences is Liz¬ís vision for the future of her artistic aspiration. Liz’s next solo project will be an experimental narrative film/video based real life experience of a lover who has recently gone missing. In continuing with the idea of lost personal histories, she will also examine her personal and romantic connection with Oscar Wilde and his position in queer history. Using modes of documentary, myth, and constructed diaristic strategies, the film/video will be ahot from the point of view of our main character and Oscar Wilde, both who are trying to uncover their own mysteries in relation to sexuality and love.