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Rolfe-Redding Robert

Born and raised in England where I studied at the University of Durham’s Bede College reading Film Studies & Education. I earned graduate degrees at The Pennsylvania State University, Washington University, and the University of Oregon in the USA. Currently I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon. The work I did while at these places was in the fields of education, television production, film studies, sculpture, and digital arts. Creative research interests centers around experimental digital arts. Through using computers, digital photography, sound and video, my concentration is in areas of exploration that are very abstract/non-representational; investigating ideas and themes found in oriental philosophy and occidental science. All this is focused within the arena of understanding the production of meaning, how meaning is an ongoing dynamic process within the spectator as she/he participates with the work; that it (meaning) is never in a state of stasis. My work is screen, still and installation based, which comes quite naturally since I am also a sculptor. I am, however, always open to other forms of presentation as, and when the need arises. My work has been exhibited in the USA and China.